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Sriracha Fire Bricks Companay Limited is providing installing and maintenance services for refractory stoves in Thailand, supplying and exporting refractory tools and equipments in all over the world.


Refractory Brick, Castable, Mortar, High Alumina Bricks, Basic Bricks, Insulating Bricks, Plastic Refractories, Needle Steel, Achors Brick, Refractory Brick ( End Arch ), Refractory Brick ( Straight ), Washer Crip, Speed Crip, Stud pin, Anchor, Plastic Cement , Ceramic Fiber Paper, Rigidizer,LDS, Fire Blanker Sheet, Suround Block, Calcium Silicateboard, Ceramic Rope etc.

Service Repair and Build

Chimney stack of power plant , Ceramic fiber blanket lining, Launder of melting furnace, Re-Heating Furnace, Anchors welding, Repair Burner zone , Burner Boxes, Brick laying , hot oil boiler burner, repair brick rotary kiln, castable lining, Patching Materials, Lrunder, Checker Block, Furnace , Pretrochemical Plant, Power Plant, Melting Furnace, Gumning Mixes, Spraying Materials etc.

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